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Women Playing Hamlet

Winner Of A Rolling Premiere From The National New Play Network

(A comedy with an all female cast)

“This wickedly clever new play from William Missouri Downs, dubbed "a comedy about a tragedy," uses an all-woman cast to explore questions of courage and conscience in a modern setting, managing to both spoof Shakespeare and pay homage to him in a two-hour show that moves like lightning.” The Patriot News Harrisburg

 “With the colorful script and vivid characters Women Playing Hamlet is a slam dunk…” - Kansas City Examiner


What’s amazing lies in the script where Downs dissects Hamlet’s intricate character and puts all aspects of Hamlet’s persona in Jessica’s challenge to scale the ladder to play the part.” - Kansas City Examiner


 “A rollicking satire jabbing shallow pop culture, overly reverential attitudes toward literature and the intensive navel-gazing shared by actors.” Florida Theatre On Stage


Downs’ script has… theater history and some of the eternal questions about playing Hamlet woven into its fabric, along with funny and sobering truths about the actor’s life. – Miami Herald. 


“Silly, profound and ultimately moving”  - Florida Theatre On Stage

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