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A Existential Dark Comedy

Winner Of A Rolling Premiere From The National New Play Network

A rip-roaring send-up of Americanized Brechtian angst that had the audience howling.” - Stage Magazine


“The laughs keep coming — even as audience members might think with a twinge, "Ouch, that might be me." Some will no doubt be offended by one non-politically correct moment or another. But with luck, all will be forced to think.” - Orlando Sentinel


"The Exit Interview" may be one of the most up-front, honest plays you ever sit down to watch. – The Salt Lake Tribune


“This fearless, delirious comedy undermines the typical theatre experience in search of an answer to the age-old question: do things really happen for a reason?” - Philadelphia Magazine


“William Missouri Downs’ bonkers theatrical carnival is to conventional plays what Burning Man is to a weenie roast.”  - San Diego Union Tribune

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