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Nights At The Round Table is perfect for community theatres looking for a fun love story. Placed in a quirky Iowa bar n 1976. The owners are the bashful Harry and the unflappable Hazel. Tonight, they’re celebrating a recent turn of events in Harry’s usually fumbling love life. He’s met Diane, a new resident who, like Harry, is looking for love and a quiet life. The “Governor,” a perennial candidate, is the bar’s favorite patron. In the 50s, he was a serious contender for the office, but he has given up after losing two close elections. The only reason he continues to campaign is because his father left a will that states he must run for office to get the money. He doesn’t even bother to give original speeches anymore, instead cribbing from other famous politicians. Farmers have come from as far away as Moline to hear tonight’s pontification. Complications arise when Harry discovers that Diane has a husband: a recent parolee and no one to mess with.

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