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Mad Gravity

(A farce about the art, life and comet)

Winner of the Reva Shiner Comedy Award at the Bloomington Playwrights Project!

Finalist At The Eugene O'Neill!

"Downs is playing clever, agile games with reality, perception and identity here. This play is a highly elastic exercise in irony and self-awareness of from that put me in mind of The Stunt Man, and perhaps I'm a sucker for this stuff, but Mad Gravity is inspired satire and one of the best times you're likely to have in a theatre this month." - Arts Louisville


"Funny, fast and thought-provoking" - Insider Louisville


"For a wildly different evening of fun theater." - Bloomington Herald Times


"Exquisitely smart, with brilliant comic riffs on Dadaism, religion, domestic relations and personal morality (after all, if the world is actually going to end in an hour, figuring out whether looting, praying or having sex is the best way to validate the significance of life becomes a question of some urgency)." - Louisville Weekly

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