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Karl The Magnificent

(A new farce about the ultimate revenge against your co-workers )

Finalist at the Nick Darke Award, London
t, Garry Marshall Theatre, New Works Festival, CA
Semi-finalist, B Street Theatre,  Sacramento,  CA, New Comedies Festival

Maggie and Raymond have just flunked their hostile workplace-training seminar. The only way they can keep their jobs is to put their micro-aggressions aside and attend the birthday party for the employee they bully the most, Karl, the office nerd. What they don’t know is that Karl is the only person on earth who can save humanity from destruction. That’s right, the world is ending and Karl is the savior. Or is Karl just an evil genius who has staged the evening in order to seek revenge? The result is a romp in which two people are stabbed; one has a heart attack and another is run over by a bus. Karl, The Magnificent is an absurd farce that asks the question, “If we had to start the human race over with only four highly flawed individuals would we be up to the task?” Or are Homo sapiens a lost cause, an evolutionary mistake, a dud?

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