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Jewish Sports Heroes & Texas Intellectuals

(A comedy about fathers and daughters)

Winner Of The Norfolk Southern festival Of New Works
Semi-finalists at 6th Annual Neil Simon Festival New Play Contest

Jewish Sports Heroes & Texas Intellectuals  (2M-1W)is a comedy about a women who comes home to Texas to confront the dogma of her sexist, egotistical, cowboy, philosopher father.


Darla Cook has good news to tell her father. She has just been artificially inseminated and is going to have a baby. Tired of men in general and her father in particular she is going to have a child without any male contact whatsoever.


Her father is a cowboy who was divorced by Darla's mother twenty years ago when he had an affair with philosopher Ayn Rand. He's since taken Rand's followers to new levels of selfishness.  Henry associates femininity and feminism with youth, as if it were something to grow out of.


Their confrontation is the core of this play about masculine and feminine ways of looking at the life, love and happiness.


When stupid football player Johnny Galt arrives, it is discovered that he may be the sperm donor and Darla's day takes a turn for the worse.

When she discovers that Henry's days are numbered, Darla must grow up fast. She rejects her "women who love too much" view of the world and becomes a strong feminist who doesn't need her father's approval (as much).

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