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How To Survive Your Family


 A New Comedy By William Missouri Downs

It’s Christmas, that wonderful time of year when families deck the halls, don gay apparel, and pretend they don’t hate each other.  College student Loretta hasn’t been home in two years mostly because she has nothing in common with her parents. When she left to attend Harvard, she thought she’d never return, but then she fell in love with a cultivated Cambridge law student, and he wants to meet her parents. The difference between Loretta’s law student and her parents couldn’t be more profound. He reads Tennyson, while her parents read Jonathan Livingston Seagull - not the book, the Cliffs Notes. With help of kind Priest Lorette reunites with her family and finds love.  How to Survive Your Family At Christmas is a crowd-pleasing comedy about family, love and the one thing we all need to survive the holidays, forgiveness.

2 women + 3 men + Christmas Carols

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