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How To Steal A Picasso

(A comedy about art, artist and forgery)

A Finalist At The Eugene O'Neill

“A farce with an edge!” – The Kansas City Star


“Amid all the crazy plot turns, Downs finds opportunities to make valid statements about our perceptions of art, delusional self-styled “artists” and how art has lost any meaning beyond its value as a commodity.” – The Kansas City Star


"How to Steal a Picasso has the audience chuckling by the end of the first several speeches. It maintains its humor in what the author calls "farcical reality" all the way through the fast two act show that is still able to make its serious points.”  - Broadway Word


“The energy of a pinball machine, all flashing lights and erratic chimes and emotions that pivot with the stroke of a flipper…  How to Steal a Picasso is an unapologetically zany joke fest, but Downs finds time to toss a few telling contradictions into the fray.”  - Kansas City Pitch

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