Mr. Perfect is not what you expect in a love story. It is a romantic comedy about a quirky flight attendant who is a romance novel junkie. When she meets Mr. Perfect she attempts to make love with him in the bathroom of an Airbus 32,000 feet over Dayton, Ohio. When it doesn’t work out she sets out on a personal search to find the purpose of life by connecting the random chance events that make up existence. 


Her search leads her to find solace in the arms of a PhD student whose thesis is about human beings' feeble attempt to find meaning where no meaning exists. Mr. Perfect finds comfort in the arms of a nationally known self-help guru and author of such famous books as Ten Days to Self-Esteem and On a Wing and a Prayer: A Twelve-Step Crash Course on Conquering Your Fear of Flying.


But when the self-help guru goes down on an airliner and the PhD is charged with plagiarism, the lovers by chance find each other again and set out to create their own through-line, narrative and meaning.



“…Full of funny surprises." - Salt Lake Tribune.


“Hysterical! If you're going to see a play as a sort of escape you will get more than you bargained for here.” New York


"...Downs flexes his considerable wit in asking if our ability to live in the present has been quashed by our need for familiar outcomes. If that sounds like a lot to get your mind around, fear not, for Downs brings this down to earth in the person of Zooey, an audio-book junkie, who wants her life to be the incarnation of her favorite taped stories." - DENVER POST


"In classic Durang-style, Downs weaves these seemingly obscure and unrelated encounters with hilarious and thought provoking questions. The questions, however, can be whittled down to one basic and universal question – How can we fix our lives?" - DENVER THEATRE EXAMINER

(2M - 2W)


Mr. Perfect