William Missouri Downs

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Jewish Sports Heroes & Texas Intellectuals

A comedy by William Missouri Downs

Synopsis: Darla comes home to confront the dogma of her sexist, egotistical, philosopher father, "The Bear.  Darla has good news - She has just been artificially inseminated and is going to have a baby. Tired of men in general and her father in particular she is going to have a child without any male contact whatsoever. Their confrontation is the core of this play about masculine and feminine ways of looking at life, love and happiness. When a stupid Alabama football player Johnny Galt arrives, it is discovered that he may be the sperm donor and Darla's day takes a turn for the worse. 

Uncle Vanya by Anton

Adaptation by William Missouri Downs

Synopsis: You know the story. This shorter adaptation is perfect for small college and community theatres. 

The Scopes Monkey Trial

Adaptation by William Missouri Downs

Synopsis:In 1927, John T. Scopes was arrested for teaching evolution in a public school. What followed was one of the most famous trials in US history, as the eloquent orator and statesman William Jennings Bryan and the brilliant criminal defense attorney Clarence Darrow were locked in an intellectual and emotional battle in a Dayton Tennessee court room.  The play and movie INHERIT THE WIND  were loosely based on this case. This script is taken the original court transcripts and edited from them a new play that examines the trial and the evolution/creation debate.  Feel free to edit or change this script to fit your needs.

Nights At The Round Table

A comedy by William Missouri Downs

Synopsis: A love story which takes place in a quirky little rural bar. With a clientele of farmers, peat moss salesmen, and even old political candidates, it seems like time took a right at the county line and missed the Round Table completely. Presiding over the bar are the bashful Harry and the unflappable Hazel, co-owners. Tonight they’re celebrating a recent turn of events in Harry’s usually fumbling love life.  He’s met Diane, a new resident who, like Harry, is looking for love and a quiet life.


The “Governor”, a perennial candidate, is the bar’s favorite patron. In the 50’s he was a serious contender for the office, but after losing two close elections he has given up. The only reason he continues to campaign is because his father left a will which states he must run for office to get the money. He doesn’t even bother to give original speeches anymore, instead cribbing from other famous politicians. Farmers have come from as far away as Moline to hear tonight’s pontification.  


Complications arise when Harry discovers that Diane has a husband: a recent parolee and no one to mess with. Diane begs Harry not to make a stand.  She needn’t have bothered; Harry is an inveterate invertebrate. Once again, Harry is a failure with love.  With the election returns, the Governor grapples with his own disillusionment and lost dreams.  It occurs to the Governor that he and Harry are the same kind of person - the kind that accepts failure.  Encouraged by Hazel, they both set out to change their lives, but fate is against them. Diane’s husband shows up and terrorizes the bar. In the end, Diane’s husband is subdued, the “Governor” delivers his first original speech in twenty years, and Diane and Harry fall in love.