INNOCENT THOUGHTS RIVALS DAVID MAMET'S OLEANNA “Innocent Thoughts the play at Performance Network, is a stunning piece of writing and a fine production. As an expose on political correctness, the play rivals David Mamet's  "Oleanna" but is broader in scope and more immediate. Anyone wondering what happened to the idealistic fervor of the '60’s should go see this play"  - Rachel Urist, Ann Arbor News

CORRECT BEHAVIOR CAST ASIDE IN INNOCENT “What most people hesitate to say out loud is said loud and often in Innocent Thoughts, a highly observant comedy/drama involving a black lawyer and a Jewish expert witness. Political correctness falls by the wayside as the black and the Jew who once went to school together move from polite convention to mind games, to open insults and, finally, bare-knuckle brawling.”  - Sandra Brooks-Dillard, The Denver Post

“Innocent Thoughts stays with you and that’s the mark of a good play.” – Rocky Mountain News.

 “…These characters do have staying power. The play’s ambiguous ending leaves the discussion open – there is more to be said, more to be understood and more to heal.” - M.S. Mason Westword

RACIAL TENSIONS FLARE IN NOT-SO-INNOCENT THOUGHTS "Downs exposes the underpinnings of American's racial tension in a slick, although often brutal script that may be disturbing to some viewers, since the impact of the long-denied anger is vented with a explosive suddenness." Chris Goldman The Sun Newspaper Kansas