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Mr. Rogers
American Terminator

(A new farce about theatre in the age of Google)

Semi-Finalist, Garry Marshall Theatre, New Works Festival, CA

Narrated by the iconic children’s show host, Mr. Rogers, American Terminator is a comedy about how smartphones, Facebook, and selfies have changed reality. In this world full of multitasking I-phone junkies and algorithms controlling our world view, how do we know what is real or who we are? The story centers on a couple who post an abusive review about a play on YouTube. With more than a million hits, their antics go viral. So, the playwright searches them out, holds them hostage, and forces them to mono-task by having a face-to-face conversation without any smart devices. Soon this comedy spirals into itself as Mr. Rogers is replaced by Mr. Google and a new world full of deep-fake photos and fake news.

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