Kosher Lutherans centers on Hanna and Franklyn, the seemingly perfect couple who desperately want to have a child of their own, but who are unable to do so.   


Enter Martha and Ben, their nearest and dearest friends, whom they think might be able to offer them some help — or at least a few spare gametes.  But when Martha and Ben find themselves in their own quandary, Hanna and Franklyn aren’t sure where else to turn for assistance, and wonder if they’ll ever live their dream of becoming parents. 


A chance encounter with a God-fearing girl from Iowa, who just happens to be a little bit pregnant, seems to offer the perfect solution to their problem — she is willing to let them adopt her out-of-wedlock baby! 


Just about the time pen is to meet paper, however, Hanna and Franklyn are stunned to discover that the girl does not know that they are Jewish, even though the signs are evident in their home and conversations.  The revelation could threaten to throw a ratchet into the whole works, especially when the girl admits that all she knows about Jews is what her farmer father told her: “They control Hollywood and killed Jesus.”


In an attempt not to blow the deal completely, Hanna and Franklyn decide to pose as Lutherans to appeal to the girl’s apparent Midwestern sensibilities, and discover how far they are willing to go to have a family.  But is it too far?  (3W - 2M)