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Angry Psycho Princesses

(A comedy about a family trapped in a Disney-like theme park)

Book By William Missouri Downs - Music & Lyrics By Sean Stone



To save their disintegrating marriage William and Kate Fankhouser of St. Paul Minnesota take their daughter Cindy on vacation to Pretty Princess Park, a cheap, rip-off Disneyland.   


Their daughter marvels at the animatronic “Hall of Princesses.” Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, all the princesses are there in robot form (at least the ones in public domain). 


But when Kate, William and Cindy find themselves locked in overnight, the android princesses come to life. Off the clock the bitter, jaded, pot smoking, human princesses warn little Cindy that she must escape before Queen Badassery makes her into a robot princess too.  


That’s right; Pretty Princess Park is in fact a front for a villainous cult of warlike rats ruled over by a malicious, evil Queen. Badassery was once sweet but as a child she saw Walt Disney’s Bambi. Bambi’s mother dying was just too much; she came down with Bambi Syndrome, which causes severe adult onset wickedness. 


William and Kate Fankhouser must save their daughter, but they are immediately sidetracked when Kate falls in lust with the Charming Prince who is really a sexist, misogynistic asshole. Then William tries to spawn with the Little Mermaid, a sexy Fukushima victim, half-woman, half-Mackerel.


When they come to their senses, Kate, William and the angry princesses lead a rebellion. Angry Psycho Princesses is a farce for people who are weary of once-upon-a-time and happily ever after.

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